Software Testing Services

Whether you are looking for a complete end-to-end testing solution, or a helping hand in specific areas of testing, Accordion has a team of experienced and certified testers to help you with the right testing approach and provide actionable information that genuinely contributes in the decision making process.

High Standard Testing Delivered at Low Cost

Efficiency and cost effectiveness are the hallmark of all the solutions we offer, and testing is no exception. Wherever feasible, we automate the testing process to the extent possible in order to give you the best value for money. We check each and every aspect of the product being tested with the sole intention of delivering a great product. We will never let you compromise on the security or efficiency of your technology systems.

The Accordion Testing Advantage

Get vital metrics and actionable info for taking corrective measures on time
Offer stable and defect free product to your customers
Improved quality, higher reliability and better performance
Faster time to market
Reduced cost of testing
Better strategy with higher predictability
Scalable testing with fast turnaround
Better compliance and risk management
Efficient IT governance

Testing Services for All Industries

Accordion has been offering testing services across all industries, prominent among them being:
Banking and Finance
Web Development

Fully Managed Testing for On-going Development

You can rely on us for managing the testing of on-going or fully functional software development in your organization. We fully document the testing process for future use and effective knowledge management.
Some of the aspects of our on-going testing services include understanding client requirements, planning out the test procedure, developing of test scripts, carrying out the test, identifying possible issues, analyzing and reporting of detected issues, and more. Clients can also expect daily progress reports based upon the type of development and testing.

Test Consultancy and Support

Accordion offers complete consultancy and support for all types and levels of testing. Be it reviewing your existing test procedure and standards, devising a new test strategy from the scratch or selecting of more efficient and appropriate testing tools, our consultancy services cover it all.
We believe in offering practical solutions within the specified budget and time constraints of the client.

Finding the Right Talent for Your Testing Needs

If you are looking to add some more talent to your in-house testing team, TechMertis can act as a valuable partner to add to your testing capability. Since we provide testing as well as training and staffing services, we are best suited for the job. We can help you find, select, train and recruit the right testing professionals at all levels for your organization at very competitive cost.

Our Key Testing Services

Our range of testing services include the following types of testing:

Test Automation+
Manual Testing+
On Demand Cloud Testing Services+
System Testing+
User Acceptance Testing+
UI/UX Testing+
Regression Testing+
Accessibility Testing+
Performance Testing+
ERP Testing+
Database Testing+
Mobile Testing+
Browser Compatibility Testing+
Social Media Testing+
Interactive Email Testing+

With Accordion well-equipped toolset, resources and abilities, you can be sure to roll out fully validated and verified products in a planned and timely manner.